General Security Solutions are offered through IPS Securex’s wholly-owned subsidiary Securex GS.

Securex GS are in the business of protecting people and assets. We help commercial organizations safeguard against internal and external security threats including burglary, internal theft, intrusion, inventory loss and workplace violence. Geared and designed with your operations in mind, our security systems help you protect your employees, customers, facilities, assets, inventory and processes.


We design and provide:

  • Access Control solutions that prevent unauthorised access and restrict access to sensitive areas of your organization, while collecting and analysing traffic intelligence data;
  • Video Monitoring for investigation and deterrence of incidents that cause harm, loss and damage.
  • Mass Notification for public announcement and to evacuate people in emergency situations.
  • Within your facilities we also provide other enhancements such as background music and hearing assistive technology for the hearing impaired.
  • We’re a trusted partner in the industry specializing in complex integrations with more than 30 years of experience serving hospitals, commercial buildings, hotels, government facilities.