Cargo Scanning System

VACIS IP6500 Fullscan

VACIS IP6500 FullScan system is a powerful, practical solution for scanning cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles in high-volume operations. Its x-ray imaging and radiation scanning help security personnel intercept weapons, nuclear material and other contraband hidden in containers. It can scan entire vehicles, bumper to bumper and roof to tires, including occupants. And with its high throughput and small footprint, the system is ideal for seaports and other high-volume cargo facilities.

High-energy x-ray imaging
Low radiation dose
Material discrimination
Optical character recognition (OCR)
Military and High Threat Explosive Vehicle Scanning

VACIS® M6500 Mobile Inspection System

The VACIS M6500 system uses low-dose, dual-energy X-ray to scan trucks, cargo containers, cars and other vehicles. The system scans while stationary or in motion, and can even scan occupied vehicles. Detailed, color-coded images help inspectors locate weapons, explosives, drugs, undeclared cargo and other contraband.

Compact mobile platform
Full-vehicle scanning
High throughput
Low-dose X-ray
Scanning occupied vehicles
Fast deployment
Entirely self-contained

Portal VACIS® FullScan Vehicle Imaging System

The modular, flexible Portal VACIS FullScan system captures images of the contents of vehicles, providing an effective solution for high-traffic situations where lengthy manual inspection processes are impractical or undesirable. The system is ideal for assisting inspection operations at entry control points, border crossings, ports and intermodal terminals.

Can be operated in either of two modes. In stop-and-go mode and continuous-scan mode
Scans vehicles from bumper to bumper, including occupants.
Radiation dose per scan to vehicle occupants complies with the guidelines set forth in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard N43.17.