Vehicle Inspection Systems

VACIS® XPL Passenger Vehicle Scanning System

The VACIS® XPL system scans passenger cars and other light vehicles to help security personnel search for weapons, explosives, drugs and other threats. The system scans entire vehicles bumper to bumper in seconds as they drive through without stopping. Detailed images reveal even small items such as handguns, and color coding highlights explosives, drugs and other organic materials. The system's low X-ray dose allows drivers and passengers to remain in the vehicle while it is scanned, enabling the system to scan 150 vehicles per hour or more in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic.

Free-flow operation
Bumper-to-bumper scanning
High-resolution X-ray imaging
Material discrimination
Easy Match feature
Compact system
Remote, centralized image analysis
Low X-ray dose


The VACIS Plaza XPL system is a unique, high-throughput, plaza style inspection solution for critical high-volume border crossings. Its unique scanning technology scans entire passenger cars, light trucks and vans, and small buses from bumper to bumper and roof to tires (including occupants) to help security personnel at multi-lane border checkpoints search for weapons, explosives, drugs, undeclared goods, and other suspicious items.

Scans bumper to bumper and roof to pavement
Vehicles drive through without stopping
Scans in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic
Complies with ANSI N43.17
Detailed images reveal hidden weapons and other threats
Dual-energy X-ray highlights explosives, drugs, and other organic material in color
Easy Match feature highlights new objects in known vehicles
Small footprint allows use in standard traffic lanes
Supports remote, centralized image analysis – nearby or hundreds of miles away

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Intelli-scan's 3DUVlS is an innovative product for the field of physical security and loss prevention for secured facility. The system enables operators and security personnel with a clear view to passing traffic's undercarriage. The system produces a full, clear image of passing traffic's undercarriage. It is supporting scan of private cars, pickups, Lories, trucks, semi- trailers and full trailers (to support up to 6 m vehicle's width and up to 50 Tons) at traffic flow at a speed of up to 40 K"m/h. 

Superb Image quality
Swift inspection process
Compare with history
No need to stop traffic flow
Integrated LPR
3D in-depth investigation
Environmentally sealed
Shallow installation