Schools and Education

IPS Securex has a wide range of products for schools and other educational establishments.

Some of our recent projects have included the istallation of a new clock system throughout a school, thus ensuring that every clock displays exactly the same time.

We also provide a range of acoustic products that includes a high quality PA system allowing for high quality sound in halls and at sports events.

IPS Securex offers the unique XAD system which combines video surveillance with access control and a searchable database allowing for quick and rapid retrieval of video images. As well as recording time & attendance, the system also performs visitor management functions including printing of ID badges.

The system also has a text searchable feature with more than 70 major protocols, again allowing for quick video review of selected transactions, for example it would be possible to quickly search for all transactions for a certain meal in the school cafeteria for contact tracing in the event of food poisoning.

IPS Securex offers a comprehensive selection of maintenance packages. Depending on the specific requirements, we can provide on site response within 45 minutes in mainland Singapore. For less critical equipment the normal response is within the next working day. However all customers can make use of our 24/7 maintanance hotlines in emergencies.

Over the last 10 years IPS Securex has become one of the major suppliers of innovative and advanced technology security solutions to the Government sector.

Such customers recognize the importance of their security vendors' ability to provide quality equipment and quality support. IPS Securex is fully certified for ISO9001:2008 for Quality Assurance and BS25999 & SS540 for Business Continuity Management.

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