Year 2015

Date Title
21 January 2015 Completion of share split and allocation of new SGX-ST Stock code 41E.
26 January 2015 (a) Appointment of Independent Director, (b) Changes in the composition of the Board and Board Committees.
05 February 2015 IPS Securex has received the Partner of the Year 2015 Award from MOBOTIX AG. Dividend Payment Dates.
11 February 2015 Notice of Book Closure and Dividend Payment Dates.
11 February 2015 1H FY2015 Results Announcement and Press Release.
25 February 2015 IPS Securex to participate in INTERPOL World 2015.
09 March 2015 IPS Securex entered into an agreement to distribute the Hyperspike range of acoustic hailing devices in 15 countries for five years.
31 March 2015 IPS Receives Notice of Exercise of Option from a Singapore Government Agency.
20 April 2015 Updates of the Company. i) Commencement of Co-Manufacturing of Hyperspike Products. ii) 2014 Reseller of the Year Award by USSI. iii) Pilot Run of the Secured Virtual Healthcare Systems and Solutions. iv) Corporate Social Responsibilit
29 April 2015 IPS Securex has received a letter of intent from a dealer for the supply of PepperBall Technologies brand of non-lethal countermeasure technology products with a total contract value of USD54,750,000 to a government body in Southeast Asia over a period of
13 May 2015 IPS Securex enters into (i) Supply agreement (ii) Business agreement - Service centre and (iii) Memorandum of understanding for Co-Manufacturing, with United Tactical Systems, LLC.
08 June 2015 IPS Securex receives order of USD 4.0 million for the supply of Pepperball Technologies Brand of Non-lethal countermeasure technology products.
09 July 2015 IPS Securex wins Merit Award for Best Investor Relations at Singapore Corporate Awards.
20 August 2015 Full Year Financial Statements And Dividend Announcement For The Financial Year Ended 30 June (“FY”) 2015.
31 August 2015 Proposed share split of every one (1) ordinary share in the capital of the company into three (3) ordinary shares.
04 September 2015 Receipt of listing and quotation notice from the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.
14 December 2015 Letter of award - Sale of Hyperspike Acoustic Hailing Devices for US$64.46 million.
01 December 2015 IPS Securex's appointment as subcontractor for the deployment and maintenance of the Care-Nexus Software System.
01 December 2015 Media Release: IPS Securex to deploy and maintain Bio-Nexus’ software for the Visy Group’s Chicago site.
06 November 2015 Cessation of Non-Executive Director.